Terms of use

Spacebit has been created by the French Gaming Company CRYPTOS Interactive to entertain players with a Space Strategy Game, using Decentralized Application and Play-to-earn features. We hope to give you plain satisfaction in the use of it. However, if you encounter any issue, don't hesitate to contact us through our Discord, we will be pleased to answer your demand.

By registering on Spacebit, user fully agree with the following terms by checking the optin of the registration form.

Game & earnings

Spacebit is an Online Crypto-Game where registered users can earn small amounts of cryptocurrencies while playing. Under no circumstances would Spacebit be considered as anything else than a game. User has no possibility of deposit of any fiat or cryptocurrencies to play with. For these reasons, Spacebit cannot be considered as Forex, Cloud Mining, Investment, Online Exchange, Online Casino, Online Betting or Gambling.


Spacebit gives registered users the opportunity to earn small amounts of cryptocurrency. Those amounts are calculated based on Advertising revenue of the company and cryptocurrencies / USD rates. Spacebit reserves the right to modify these amounts at any time in order to preserve the financial security of the company.

The in-game representation of KSK allows to facilitate the game economy and is not linked to any real KSK balance. As such, Spacebit cannot be characterized as a custodial or noncustodial wallet, nor any cryptocurrency wallet.


Any account which is suspected of cheating will be immediately removed and banned from the website and all earnings will be lost.

Are considering as cheating:


For gaming purpose, Spacebit Galaxy is limited at 10 000 active players. Any inactive account for more than 60 days will be automatically removed from the game, and any progress attached to it will be definitely lost. The player will receive 3 warning emails, 30 days, 7 days and 3 days before the removal occurs.


It is tolerated no more than 5 active accounts per ip. In order to preserve the fairness of the game, accounts from the same IP are not allowed to interact with each other. If it is noted that multiple accounts are used for feeding or referral abuse, all your accounts will be considered as multi-account infringements and can be suspended at any time, without any compensation.

Referrals from the same IP address is prohibited. If we note that you have referral from the same IP, these will be automatically removed from your account and the referral earnings deducted from your balance.

Galactic Alliances

Coming soon...

Elite membership

Spacebit is a Free-To-Play Online Game. In-game benefits and items can be purchased. Elite membership subscription is qualified as a purchase of additional in-game benefits.