0.0.42 (2022-06-24 06:43:27)

  • Add Settlers Quests, Find Settlers in missions, and train your settlers to complete them! (Daily Quests available for everyone starting from 25th, June 2022)

0.0.41 (2022-06-24 05:03:27)

  • Cosmic Teleporter! Any player reaching 10 000 Glory Points will automatically receive a Cosmic Teleporter. This special and unique item allows the player to teleport its planet to another random location in the Galaxy, it's permanent so use it wisely! 
  • A few specific missions are moved at random every minute. This allows for avoiding Missions Cluster on areas that do not contain planets.
  • Fix minor bugs in Battle

0.0.4 (2022-06-20 16:19:27)

  • Settlers System!
    • You can now find settlers in missions and assign them to a task: builders will boost the Building construction, Scientists will boost the Research time and Workers will boost the spaceship construction!
    • Your planet population is calculated as Total Slots * 10M (2B for base planets)
    • You can assign your settlers in your Headquarters!
    • Each Laboratory level will increase the number of Scientists you can assign, 
    • Each Hangar level will increase the number of Workers you can assign
    • You can have as much Builders as your planet population
  • Find KSK in missions! You can now find KSK in missions (up to 100 per day, 60 minutes minimum for random missions)
  • You can now cancel a mission! If so, your spaceships fleet will return to your planet and the unused crystal will be re-credited.
  • Missions will now contain a fixed amount of resources.
  • Debris from battle will now contain an amount of resources depending on the fleet destroyed in battle
  • Add usernames in Battle report + Share button
  • Most of digits have now thousands separators (English format ",")
  • Minor UI improvements.

0.0.38 (2022-06-14 13:35:59)

  • Add a new Research: Alloy Mastery! The Alloy Mastery research will increase the structure of your spaceships and planetary defenses. It becomes part of the requirements for Spaceship construction as well.
  • Items prices in the Galactic Market has been divided by 2.

0.0.37 (2022-06-13 16:01:48)

  • Space Trader is online! There, you can trade resources! A New Trader will appear with new Resources rate every day
  • Fix a bug that made disappear planets' images
  • All planets' images have been set back to the galaxy
  • Fix of a few bugs which lead to stuck missions

0.0.36 (2022-06-10 18:37:43)

  • Add Scrap Dealer Feature - Recycle your useless spaceships!
  • Purchases from the Galactic Market have been locked to 1 of each offer (total 8) per Merchant (6 hours pop)
  • Fix some Mission bugs
  • Fix Hangar Capacity

0.0.35 (2022-06-03 17:28:21)

  • Galactic Market is live with
    • A New Merchant will present 8 offers every 6 hours. Merchant can either be normal, be of your kind, like you, or despise you which will lead to bonus malus on prices. Add Role Play features.
    • Purchase of KSK available using Credit Card

0.0.34 (2022-06-03 17:28:04)

  • Add items system to speed-up construction / Boost Spaceship and more!
  • A new planet will no longer appear less than 20 areas away from another planet
  • Replace UI buttons
  • Fix resources gain in missions
  • Handle error missions

0.0.33 (2022-06-01 17:33:17)

  • Update random mission system with Exploration time to balance the resources earned from these kinds of missions:
    • When launching a fleet to an empty galaxy position, the player will be able to choose an exploration time between 1 and 360min
    • In case of resources found, the player will be able to get up to 10 000 resources per minute spent on Exploration.
    • This system does not slow down new players from progressing.

0.0.32 (2022-06-01 17:28:10)

  • Planet slots are correctly updated when the player updates buildings
  • Players' protection has been updated
    • <= 10 000 Glory points, the player can attack other players on a range from -30% to +50%
    • >10 000 No protection
  • Reducing your Engine Speed will also reduce the Crystal Consumption 
  • Minor fixes