0.0.71 (2022-09-20 08:39:01)

  • Fix Bugs about Alliance Station. Players can now send resources and ships to their alliance station.
  • New Buildings Arts depending on Faction
  • Minor bug fix

0.0.7 (2022-09-07 10:41:09)

  • Alliances Stations are live!
    • Alliance members can contribute to building an amazing Alliance Station on the Galaxy by sending resources and Settlers
    • Once the Alliance Station is built, Alliance will be able to build Space modules and do some research in order to increase the Alliance Station efficiency!
    • Alliance members can keep sending resources to the Alliance Station and will then receive Alliance Points! Those alliance points are now necessary to complete delivery missions to other Alliance members
    • Alliances Stations can spy and attack each other and highly contribute to the effort of War!

0.0.65 (2022-08-18 10:57:10)

  • New Galactic Advisers System! Players can Hire Galactic Advisers with KSK to get in-game Boosts
  • Galactic One allows you to remove the Ads, Add a Construction Queue, and Schedule construction, among other bonuses!
  • Headquarters now determine the Max Simultaneous missions a player can send: 10 Missions at level 0, then each Headquarters Level will give 1 additional simultaneous mission possibility
  • Add In-game notification system + Minor UI improvements and bug fix

0.0.61 (2022-08-04 08:40:54)

  • Add Leader name and Glory points + Total Glory points to the Alliances list
  • Add Message button to Players Ranking
  • Minor UI improvements

0.0.6 (2022-08-01 15:18:21)

  • New Alliance System is Online!
    • Any player with > 10,000 GP can join an alliance,
    • Any player with > 100,000 can create an alliance,
    • The Alliance's Council will be chosen to take War decisions,
    • Alliance members can chat with each other, deliver resources and spaceships to other members,
    • Alliances can declare War on other alliances and earn War points from Battles! Winning Alliance will receive Bit Rewards that will be distributed among members at the end of the season as BTC payouts,
    • Tutorials and more info soon!
  • You can now send messages to other players
  • Spaceships and Planetary defenses and now built in real-time, elements will be credited one by one and the completion will be automatic, same as the Buildings and Laboratory research
  • Username, Alliance, and Glory points info has been added to the planet info on the Galaxy
  • You can now find items during missions!

0.52 (2022-07-13 12:10:09)

  • Upgrading Laboratory and Hangar will now give Scientists and Workers.
  • Current Scientists and Workers of all players have been adjusted according to the new system, in addition of all recruited settlers.
  • Academy Research now also decreases the research time

0.0.51 (2022-07-10 14:57:07)

  • Top bar menu optimizations
  • User menu has been move to top left (with Resources, Profile, Messages & Quests menu)

0.0.501 (2022-07-10 09:12:28)

  • Add New Planetary Defense Daily Quest
  • Minor UI improvements

0.0.5 (2022-07-08 14:55:27)

  • You can now upgrade your Headquarters Building! The Headquarters will enable the construction of planetary defenses and increase the number of Settlers you can find in missions!
  • Depending on your Headquarters building's level, you can now build Planetary defenses to defend your planet against attacks! Planetary defenses are powerful but remain in the planet's orbit and can't be moved.
  • So Planetary Defenses are now part of the Battles and will be displayed in Spy Report as well.
  • Your Warehouse will now protect your resources from being stolen up to 10% of your maximum storage capacity.
  • In order to avoid spamming attacks against a single player, a player's planet can't be attacked more than 3 times in 24H range by the same opponent player. 
  • UI improvements, you can now see the total cost of resources for Spaceships' build and Planetary Defenses' build
  • You can now use Drag-n-Drop feature on your Smartphone in order to send an attack's fleet 

0.0.43 (2022-06-24 17:11:19)

  • Mercenary Office is now available in the Interplanetary Galactic Station (IGS)! You can now recruit Settlers, Builders, Workers, and Scientists for KSK! Offers updated every 6 hours ;)